Go! Lights

There is nothing like an evening wedding...perhaps it's the thrill, excitement, or romance that floats through.  As many of you readers know we love our candles. They can make any room or atmosphere romantic, cozy, or better yet sexy.  But a new trend that we are seeing are light signage. Why do we love it? It can warm up any venue, and draw your guest eye to a specific focal point. Have fun with this idea and place one at your bar or DJ booth.

Go! Bespoke_wedding light

Choose signage such as the word love, your initials, wedding theme, or simply your wedding date. It's a playful idea that your guests will definitively be impressed with. It adds just the right amount of glitz and warms to an evening reception.  Just don't over-do it with strands of light's hanging from the ceiling, this is your wedding day not Junior Prom! 

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photos: pinterest