Wedding Favors

After the planning, dress alterations, bachelor party and pre-cana classes you may be forgetting one last thing... perhaps it's something you've been putting off because you haven't found anything that inspires you. That brings us to the question most couples ask each other while tying up the finishing touches: what should we give as a wedding favor? Your family and friends have shared in your special day, some may have flown thousands of miles or even participated in the ceremony. Show them your appreciation and thanks for coming together during your celebration with these great gift ideas, because the days of chocolate covered almonds and match books are long gone.

Mini  Bottles

Take note from this previous client of ours who gave Jameson and Sambuca bottles out at their wedding. The bride and groom were both Irish and Italian..what a great way to show off their heritage!


Having an outdoor wedding? Why not supply blankets with your wedding date embroidered on it for your guests. It will keep them warm but also be a great keepsake. 

Go! Green

Why not give little plants as a thank you, not only is it a sweet gesture but if they have a green thumb it will look great in their house or planted in their garden.


If liquor bottles aren't your style, why not offer mini wine bottles. Give your guests the option of red or white to choose from, just don't forget a custom label with your wedding date on it! 

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Photo: Emily Chastain