Emily & Aalok

With the click of a button thanks to online dating, our client's, Emily and Aalok (who have an awesome sense of humor) fell in love in 2010 and have been together ever since. Read about their online love story below! 

GB: How did you meet? 

E&A: OkCupid! Aalok sorted by newest member assuming that they wouldn't be as jaded from online dating. A few scrolls down and he found Emily.

GB: How did Aalok Propose?  

E&A: On our 4th anniversary, Aalok made reservations at our first date spot which was a Mexican BYOB in the heart of Princeton.  It was a total surprise minus the fact that Aalok showed up on time to pick Emily up or the fact that he hardly ate any of his meal.

GB: When are you getting married?  

E&A: Saturday, July 9th, 2016.

GB: What is your wedding style? 

E&A: Rustic barn...

Emily and Aalok_go bespoke

GB: Do you have a favorite experience or moment? 

E&A: Excluding Wrestle Mania 29, road trips to sight see or go see family in Indiana are at the top of our list.

GB: Do you have a favorite hangout/spot? 

E&A: Emily has moved around the past few years so we haven't been able to latch onto a favorite hangout, but Sprinkles Ice Cream in Elkins Park is making a strong push these days.

GB: Is there something that symbolizes your relationship?

E&A: Groupons....

GB: Can you each give one word to describe the other?

Emily for Aalok: caring

Aalok for Emily: unwavering

Aren't they adorable?! This is going to be such a fun-filled wedding day!

Check out what we made for Emily and Aalok so far. Invitations are soon to follow...

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