The Claddah Ring


In honor of Saint Patrick's day we're giving you a little Irish trivia and hope that their luck goes a long way in helping you with your wedding planning this spring.

I'm sure many of you have seen by now the Claddagh ring worn by both men and women. There is actually a very beautiful meaning behind it. It is a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship, while for some, it is their wedding band; especially in Ireland! The heart symbolizes love (obviously), the crown for loyalty and the hands represent friendship. Three key necessities for a happy relationship.

Even the way you wear the ring symbolizes your romantic status or lack thereof.  Wearing the ring inwards with the heart facing towards you means that your 'heart' is taken. Also, if it is worn on the left hand the wearer is engaged or married.  While wearing the ring with the heart and hands outwards on your right hand represents that your heart is open to love. No one is quite sure how the ring came about but it has been worn for centuries, subtly revealing ones relationship status.

If you're an Irish bride do you wear Claddagh ring? Tweet us if you wear one, Lauren wears hers on her pinky!