Kari and Frank

Meet Kari and Frank: a true Long Island couple who love the beach, the vineyards and rescuing animals. They are tying the knot at "friend" to the blog: Smithtown Landing! Read their story of how they met and the adorable way Frank proposed at the beach below!

GB: How did you meet?

K&F: We met through mutual friends approximately thirteen years ago. My lifelong friend is married to one of Frank's car buddies. I thought that Frank was the perfect man for me immediately, however, he was already involved in another relationship.  He had thought I was cute at first sight. It took us over eight years to finally get together and begin dating, but it has been magical since. 

GB: How did Frank Propose? 

K&F: Frank proposed by taking me back to the spot of our first official kiss - the docks. We were sitting in his Jeep gazing at the water, he reached into the back seat, grabbed his jacket and put it on his lap. It wasn't chilly enough to wear a jacket so it was at that very moment I knew what he was about to do.  He said to me "three years ago you and I came here for the first time, these have been the happiest years of my life, so will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Of course I said yes, but I had always wanted to be proposed to in the traditional way: him getting on one knee.  So I made him get out of the Jeep and propose all over again this time on one knee! Which he found hysterical, but he did it anyway. I screeched and giggled like a little girl as he put the ring on my finger. Shortly thereafter his friends appeared and they helped us celebrate.

GB: Where are you getting married?

K&F: Smithtown Landing Country Club, it's a quaint little catering hall located on a beautiful green golf course with a river running behind it. 

GB: What is your wedding style? 

K&F: I like to call it rustic-elegance.  A small, simple, intimate wedding with a rustic and elegant flare. 

GB: Do you have a favorite experience or moment?

K&F: We went to Rhinebeck Aerodrome.  It's upstate New York at an antique Airplane museum and air show.   We got to go up on a bi-plane ride [which is] a 1939 Steersman bi-plane. The costumes were so authentic, the pilot had a scarf and goggles on, they also made us wear matching hats and goggles for the ride. It was absolutely terrifying and amazing at the same time. It is a time we will never forget.!

GB: Do you have a favorite hangout/spot?

K&F: We love to go four-wheeling on the beach, especially at Sore Thumb on a weeknight.  During the day on the weekends we love to go out east, exploring the beaches and vineyards or go wine-tasting.

GB: Is there something that symbolizes your relationship? 

K&F: We have a mutual love of animals, we have rescued and homed many cats. 

GB: Can you each give one word to describe the other?

Frank for Kari:  Awesome

Kari for Frank: Sweet 


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