Rose Gold Everything


Spring marks new beginnings, fresh starts, wedding season and now; Monday's "On Trend". We're giving you the scoop on the latest bridal trends. So don't worry what's in or what's out, we'll take care of that for you right here each Monday.

So what's on trend for 2016 Weddings? Rose gold everythang! From lighting, to flowers, to wedding bands and blush. It was big in 2015, but it's even bigger in 2016 and this color is here to stay. The color is soft, romantic and oh so delicate. It compliments all skin tones and can look great what ever the season. I fall for anything rose gold (just ask Steph). The color can coincide whatever your wedding style is: are you a boho bride, feminine and glam or rustic? The options are endless. Consider this your wedding color inspiration. You can even serve rose champagne, and who doesn't love a glass of that?

If you have any questions regarding this color email me!