Our Top 4 Goodies (for Her) on Valentine's Day

This post is for the Grooms, so ladies, hit the share button down below! We're dishing on the best Valentine's Day gift ideas in this gift guide series and we promise we won't take all the credit...

Cooking Class

Nothing says amore like a cooking class. If food is the way to a mans heart, why can't it be for woman's too? (Ok maybe it's just mine). Seriously though, going to a cooking class -especially French or a Italian - is a fun way to bond with your bride. Plus you get a delicious meal at the end... a dinner date and fun all in one!

Cooking class_Go Bespoke valentines day gift for her

Go! Rose Gold

Getting something a little sparkly is always nice, but getting something that's rose gold is festive (and trendy). This key necklace for Valentine's Day is perfect because keys represent the future or love. (The key to my heart get it?)

Tiffanys key necklace_GoBespoke valentines gift ideas for her

Smell the Roses

These candles by Diptyque smell amazing and are great for V-Day. You can't go wrong with getting your fiancé candles - what girl doesn't love them? The best way to gift these are to prepare dinner then a bubble bath for just the two of you. No need for lights!

Diptyque Candle_Go Bespoke Valentines day gifts for her

The Goodies

Make your bride a goodie bag. You can put together anything she likes. Opt for Essie nail polish, her favorite candy, travel size roller perfumes, her favorite mascara and don't forget a pair of thongs by Hanky Panky for both of you to enjoy!

Travel Perfume_Go Bespoke Valentines Day Gift for her

Still not sure on what to get your bride? Email me! Lauren@gobespoke.co

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