Spring is right around the corner and so is wedding season. Some of you brides-to-be may begin a kale smoothie regiment or etter yet start signing up for SoulCycle or Barre class. Being in shape means looking and feeling good but sometimes it's a lot easier said than done. Lately, I'm really loving the help of my Fitbit Flex

I'm able to keep track of steps throughout the day, monitor my calorie intake and sign up for step challeng with my friends. In fact, the the whole Bespoke team has one (not including Yahoo).

Photo: Fitbit  

Photo: Fitbit  

I understand that the pressures of looking fit on your wedding day or fitting into your dress can be very daunting. We all have been there regardless of our size. The great thing about Fitbit is that when I'm feeling guilty about not making it to the gym I can look down at my wrist and see that I walked 7,000 steps for the day... which is pretty damn good! I think twice about taking the escalator instead of the stairs or even parking my car slightly farther than I need to (Umm more steps). It's those little things that push you to feel good, without having to make any major changes. 

The Fitbit comes in array of colors and sizes. I opted for the Fitbit Flex because I like that it's slender and it even monitors your sleep. If your feeling tired you can check your Fitbit can show you how many times you were restless through the night and you can start to make adjustments to your bedtime ritual. At the end of the day you can think of it as a 24/7 health coach by your side!

Do you have a Fitbit? Tell us why you love it in the comments below!