Oval Engagement Rings

If you haven't noticed from our Instagram account, I'm slightly obsessed with oval engagement rings. Although this has been a long time favorite of mine, it is a big trend right now amongst brides and jewelers. It's elegant shape compliments the wearers fingers, making them look slim and dainty while the cut of the diamond gives the illusion that it's actually larger than what it really is, because it has greater surface area compared to round diamonds. What bride doesn't want that?

Popular looks for brides are with halos, rose gold settings or raised without a halo. They even have a strong brilliance, which makes them look extra sparkly! Most oval diamonds have a "bow-tie effect". This occurs when light doesn’t bounce back in the middle of the diamond, generally because of the way the diamond is cut. Most jeweler's believe that this is part of the beauty of the oval diamond, however you do not want the bow-tie to be too prominent to the naked-eye. Whatever style you choose, you won't be disappointed with this unique shape.

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