Packing 101

Your honeymoon is an amazing time for you and your spouse to bond and celebrate your marriage. However, some bumps along the way can occur and it depends on where you are traveling. So, we've put together this handy packing guideline so nothing gets in the way of the fun...or romance!

The Islands

  • Aloe: It doesn't matter how dark you are or how tan you get - sometimes the sun gets the worst of us. Pack aloe just incase you or your hunny get a bad sunburn.
  • Diaper Cream: Umm yes! Salt water and sand can irritate your bikini-line badly. Not only is it very painful but definitely not cute. A little dab goes a long way and will leave your skin feeling better instantly.
  • Advil: This is probably a no brainer where ever you go, but, between the sun, heat and alcohol one can start to feel pretty awful. Pack a travel bottle regardless what the situation may be.
  • Cranberry Supplement or RX: All that lovin' or swimming can cause a UTI or even worse YI. Talk about buzzkill. Before your honeymoon tell your OB/GYN your concerns and she can prescribe you a prescription just in case!

The European Get Away

  • Blemish Cream: My skin broke out terribly while vacationing in Spain. Sometimes breakouts occur because our complexion isn't used to the climate change or even city location. Pack a travel-size tube just in case.
  • Cold Medicine/Airborne: Flying for long hours and being in and out of crowded airports can make you susceptible to germs. If you find yourself feeling run down you can rely on these to mask your symptoms so it won't ruin your trip. Remember, Europe's over the counter meds are much stronger than the American version. Be sure to pack what your body is used to, this way you don't have a bad reaction.
  • Adapters: Bring an adapter this way you can use your electronics overseas. If you're traveling to more than one country you may have to buy additional adapter outlet pieces.
  • Band Aids: Be prepared to do a lot of walking in Europe, which can cause blisters. Keep a pack of band aids in your purse this way you won't get slowed down.

Down South

  • Rolaids: And I don't just mean one roll... pack four! As some of you readers remember, I was in New Orleans this past fall.  My boyfriend and I suffered from terrible indigestion on our trip. If you're not use to heavy BBQ or fatty cooking consider yourself warned. The Rolaids eased my heartburn and I was still able to enjoy fried chicken and grits!


  • Large Tote: Pack all your essentials in a large tote. The same goes for flying. Whether it's make-up, vitamins, jewelry, flats or even underwear - pack it. A client of ours had their luggage lost for three days! Keeping the necessities in your tote will at least give you some relief if something goes wrong.
  • Sea Bands: Some of us can experience sea sickness from time-to-time. Nausea, let alone vomiting… are not exactly hot. Ditch the Dramamine since you can't have alcohol on it and buy a pair of Sea Bands. They're not the most stylish, but wear them on your wrists and you'll be nausea-free.


The Mountains

This is more of a prep. If you and your husband are honeymooning in the mountains a key thing to do BEFORE you go is hydrate. Due to the altitude your body can become very dehydrated. One client of ours even lost their voice! Chapped lips, dry skin and horse voice… now you tell me if that sounds like fun?


Did we miss any locations or do you have any questions?

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