Dana & Billy

Our featured couple this month are Dana and Billy who are college sweethearts and are now happily engaged! Before we started designing their invitation suite, we talked to them to get to a better understanding of who they are as a couple. As with all of our clients, this information will directly influence the final design. We wish them all the love and happiness during this special time. Read their story below.

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GB: How did you meet?

Billy: We were in college at a bar. I was with a friend talking to her sorority sisters when we caught eyes.  That was the first thing I noticed about her, her eyes.  She came over and said something in passing to her sorority sisters, so I knew I had a way to initiate conversation. We danced until our friends had all left. I walked her home, where she repeatedly reminded me not to try anything funny because she had pepper spray. 

GB: How did Billy Propose?

Dana: After dating for 6 years it wasn't a huge surprise to get engaged.  However on that day it didn't even cross my mind.  My parents had been searching for a boat for about 3 months when they found one they were serious about.  They had it planned to sign the papers and take her home and of course me and Billy were excited about getting a ride on this enormous boat!  We planned to come with them, little did I know Billy had already talked to my parents and planned it with them.   He also organized my grandparents to come.  I knew they were coming which didn't make sense since Nanny hates boats!  She can't swim and is never too excited to get on the water.  After exploring for a bit we pulled into a cove to "show my dad how to use the anchor".  Billy and I were sitting out front on the boat enjoying an abnormally warm October 31st when Billy turned to me and asked me to stand up.  A bit confused I looked back to my parents and saw the iPad and phones recording and it all made sense.  I heard about two words and then the excitement took over.  And the crying, lots of happy tears that day.

GB: Where are you getting married?

D&B: Bear Creek Resort, a ski resort close to the Poconos

GB: What is your wedding style?

D&B: Classic with a little sparkle.

GB: Do you have a favorite experience or moment?

D&B: What we call Snowpocalypse. We were in college in the beginning of 2010.  Campus was closed for 10 days straight, there were 2 snowfalls that totaled over 20 inches.  A college student's dream.  It was the beginning of our relationship and we got to spend every day with each other. It was only a 2 minute walk between our apartments. 

GB: Do you have a favorite hangout/spot?

Dana: My parent's house. The relationship was long distance for almost 4 years.  Billy was in graduate school in NY and I was still at UMD and then started working in Maryland and my parents house was almost completely in the middle.  While at school our hangouts were Cornerstone (were we met), 4609 (my college house), "Fun Holiday" and "Mousetrap" (Billy's satellite frat houses).  Now were looking forward to having the boat this summer! 

GB: Is there something that symbolizes your relationship? 

D&B: We aren't sure, but it seems we have a lot of time to figure this out!

GB: Can you each give one word to describe the other?

Billy for Dana: Thoughtful
Dana for Billy: Goofy