10 Best Celebrity Weddings of 2015

We're dishing on the top ten celebrity weddings of 2015. From lavish, to secret, to wow; they finally did it, we've gathered a list of our favorites!

1. Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello 


Talk about over the top. Sofia wore 3 different wedding dresses on her big day which was made up of 6 pounds of pearls. The wedding was a star studded event and guests had the delight of eating from a 5-tier wedding cake. Yum! 

2. Jennifer Anniston & Justin Theroux  


It's about time! Jennifer and Justin got married in secret - even their friends didn't know they were tying the knot until a priest entered the party. Jen has even stated, "We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful private moment and I’m going to be selfish and keep it that way. I’m not telling you about any of that stuff!"

3. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard


Wait, when did this happen? You might be asking yourself. The pair married on Johnny's private island in the Bahamas with Johnny's 12 year old son as his best man. The ceremony was quiet and private with only a few close friends and family.  

4. Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis


Finally, Jackie and Kelso are married at last! Mila and Kutcher were married in a secret garden ceremony over 4th of July weekend. In fact, the pair tied the knot weeks before the reception. Mila and 9 month old daughter Wyatt wore matching white dresses. 

5. Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed


Vampires unite (sorta).  Nikki and Ian married on April 26th in an outdoor wedding in Malibu. The bride looked airy and ethereal as she wore a lace dress and a beaded head band. 

6. Benedict Cumberbatch & Sofie Hunter


Sorry ladies, but your favorite Brit is taken! Benedict's and Sophie's wedding was fit for royalty (literally). The couple married at the church of St. Peter and Paul which dates back to the 12th century.

7. Nicky Hilton & James Rothchild


The heiress married James Rothchild at Kensington Place (no sign of Dutchess Kate). She wore an all white lace Valentino gown - which is by far my favorite dress of the year. 

8. Whitney Port & Tim Rosenman


Whitney was by far the edgiest bride of 2015 by wearing a high low dress. The couple wrote their own vows and Whitney even said in hers; "I promise to kiss you every night before we go to sleep and every morning before I get out of bed." Sweet!

9. Tracey Morgan & Megan Wollover


By far the happiest wedding of 2015. After almost losing his life in a horrific accident, Tracey and Megan couldn't have been happier to celebrate their wedding on August 23rd. Their wedding theme was stated as "opulent and sophisticated"- and it clearly showed with their 12 foot floral wall and 5 foot wedding cake. Congrats!

10. Royals of Monaco - Prince Pierre & Princess Beatrice 


The Prince and Princess had not one but two lavish weddings, which took place in Italy with over 600 guests. The bride wore three dresses designed by the great Italian designers, Valentino and Armani. Gorgeous!

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Photo sources: Popsugar & People