Unconventional Wedding Photos


Nothing catches my eye more than unconventional wedding photos. They fill my head with inspiration and admiration; "How cool!" "That light, the detail", "what a great shot!" are just a few things that pop into my head when I see wedding photos that are unique and filled with interesting detail. 

I love when couples allow their photographer to truly be artists. I love that they appreciate art and respect what they do. I admire the couple that trusts their photographer and says to them "just have fun". Their carefree attitude is almost enviable. And more importantly, I give props to the artist behind the lens that can capture the love and spirit between two souls in an artistic manner. 

Now you may be thinking, "but is it too trendy?" I disagree... overly posed photos can come off dated or cheesy, but when something beautiful is captured candidly or freely, that is a photo to be cherished.

Need some wedding photo inspiration? Take a look at these photos below, and tell your photographer to have fun like Stephanie and Linton did!