Groom Style: Top Trends for 2016

Congrats! You've bought your wedding dress and now it's time for your groom to start shopping. Does he have any idea of what he wants or is he totally clueless? To assist, we've put together the top groom trends for 2016. Get him inspired with these looks and we promise tux shopping will be just as fun.


This look is going to be very popular for Fall 2016. It's a classic throwback that hasn't been in wedding fashion for a while. If you're having a rustic wedding this look is perfect for your groom. 

go_bespoke groom tweed trend 2016


Personalize it

A big trend we've been seeing with grooms lately are personalized socks or accessories. Grooms are having a lot of fun with this trend and really letting their personalities shine through. Whether it's his initials, favorite sports team or Alma Matter, they can definitely get creative on their big day!

go_bespoke groom personized socks 2016 trend


Have your groom play up his wedding day look with accessories. From colorful pocket squares to cuff links or matching ties, it will pull his dapper look together. Long gone are the days of just boring suits and tuxedos. Grooms can be just as stylish as the bride! 

go_bespoke groom accessories trend 2016


Go! Colorful 

This by far is my favorite trend. A lot of gentleman are opting for color on their wedding day instead of traditional black. Two colors that have been very popular amongst suits and tuxedos are navy blue and cranberry. It's a bold statement but makes for a very handsome and stylish groom!

go_bespoke groom colorful suits and tuxedos trend 2016

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Photo source: Pinterest