Our Top 5 Goodies (for Him) on Valentine's Day

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Call me a sap but I've always liked Valentine's Day. Single or not I've just always enjoyed the holiday. From decorating, to flowers to eating sweets, I've always thought the holiday was kinda, well, sweet. The chilly air and sipping hot chocolate makes the season all the more festive. As I was looking online to get my boyfriend a little something for V-Day (early I know) I thought I should share some ideas you can get for your loved one. So I've rounded up a list of things that he might find extra sweet! (Teddy bears and chocolate did not make the list). 

1. Cashmere Anything

The cold weather has finally hit New York. Keep him extra warm by getting him a cashmere scarf or beanie. Whether he commutes to the office or simply running to get coffee cashmere will definitely keep him warm.  

cashmere gifts for him valentines day Go Bespoke

2. Personalized Candy

If your groom has a sweet tooth, get him a bag of personalized candy! Whether it's Skittles or M&Ms choose his favorite kind and personalize it. You can go sexy and flirty or simple and sweet or use your Initials and wedding date. 

personalized candy for him valentines day go bespoke

3. Booze it up

Is he a Scotch or Bourbon guy? Then get him a barware set, whiskey stones or even personalized bourbon glasses. This gift is anything but cheesey and he'll definitely love it.

personlized barware scotch bourbon guy valentines day Go Bespoke

4. Turn up the Heat

Valentine's day is all about the romance. So turn it up by giving him a framed sexy black and white photo of you. He can keep it on his night stand or in the man cave. Every time he looks at it he'll realize how lucky he is! 

turn up the heat sexy photo gift for him valentines day Go Bespoke

5. Keep it Simple

Valentine's day gifts don't have to be big or grand. In fact, a little trinket can go a long way. Whether it's a pocket square, a straight blade razor, cologne or a hand written card. Remember, it's all about celebrating the love between you and your partner, so no gift is too small! 

simple card for him valentines day gift Go Bespoke

Was this gift guide helpful? Stay tuned for next Monday's post as we'll be doing a V-Day gift guide for the bride. So start dropping some hints!