Bridal Braids

As you readers know I love all things beauty, so I'm happy to share the latest serums, lipsticks and hair oils that I'm using. From telling you how to pluck your brows, or what kind of facial mask to make; I love sharing with you. So what am I loving lately? Bridal braids for your wedding!  

I love that it looks whimsical and airy, but also edgy and ethereal depending on your bridal style. Whether it's pulled back with loose waves or wrapped in a flower crown, any style you choose looks beautiful. And the best part about braids? They will hold up throughout your wedding. So no need to worry about your hair coming undone. 

The hairstyle options are endless and the bride doesn't have to be the only one to wear them. From your bridesmaids, to maid of honor or flower girl, this style looks chic! 

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Photo source: Pinterest