Gifts for Her

Our blog is here to guide brides in the right direction for all things bridal. Whether it's tips, color palettes or printing styles we're giving her all our answers. But today let's show our brides some love. So share this post with your groom because we're giving him the lowdown on the top Wedding Gifts that you might enjoy. Because after all that planning and stressing you deserve a little sometime to open! 


Sentimental Something

No gift is more special that having something made with sentimental value. Have a pendent made with both of your initials or a bracelet customized with your wedding date or even the coordinates of the church your ceremony was held in. We like this idea because it symbolizes just the two of you.

Put it to Paper

Why not have your wedding song printed and framed or even your wedding vows? They are words or lyrics that have great meaning to the both of you why not display it in your home as a sweet daily reminder.

Just for Her

Has she always asked you to take a cooking class with her but you never budged? Then plan something sweet that she has been really wanting to do. It will not only show her you care but that you also listen to her needs.  

Letters are Forever  

There is nothing more thoughtful or sacred than a handwritten love letter to your bride. I don't think you need us to tell you what to write...just be your charming self! Have your best man deliver it to her bridal suite along with some roses. She'll treasure it forever!

Family Heirloom

Does your mom have a pair of earrings she would like to pass down, or does your grandmother have a ring she would like your future wife to have? A family heirloom signifies a welcome into the family. The history behind it and the family keepsake will make her feel all the more welcomed on your wedding day. But please grooms for the sake of your bride, make sure it's appealing.

Does your groom need some wedding help? Pass the iPad over and show him our groom section.