Get Glowing

Hello Brides and Bridesmaids! I'm sharing with you my secret to glowing skin for your big day and doing damage control if you've been flying to your destination; so take notes.

 I recently attended an out of town wedding that required me to fly. After flying for many years I know how my skin tends to look after a flight - parched, maybe dull is a better word.  And no girl or bridesmaid wants that. The first step to flying the night before is drinking plenty of water. Taking the necessary steps before a flight or even your big day will help you to achieve a healthy glow. Therefore if you have any jitters the night before, skip the relaxing red wine, it will only dehydrate your skin - instead take a bath.

Now, on to the main secret. I totally love making a sugar scrub. You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard. The primary ingredients for this scrub-mask are:
- Lemon juice
- Honey
- Virgin olive oil
- Brown sugar
- A dash of salt

I never measure my ingredients, I normally go with what my skin might need more of, for example if its dry I may add more honey and oil.  Or if I need a deep exfoliate than I throw in more sugar, or if I have dark spots from past blemishes I add extra lemon. The recipe is totally up to you. The next step is to give it a good mix and get applying. I packed mine in a bottle and threw it in my suitcase.  Once you thoroughly apply it to your skin let it sit for fifteen minutes.  I then like to rinse it off with warm water and use a moisturizer immediately.  Not only is the scent refreshing, but your complexion gives that "just back from the spa look". Now get glowing!

Do you have any home made scrubs you would like to share? Comment below, we'd love to try them out!