Let Them Eat Cake


I've held off on writing a cake piece as I have been doing my best to eat clean these past months, but now that summer is over all bets are off. Cake tasting may just be one of your wedding planning high lights. With all the options to choose from it makes for a sweet day with your partner. From butter cream to cupcakes, there are various options that can reflect your wedding style, or better yet; go with the season and opt for naked cakes or even spice cakes. Uh, my sweet tooth is already acting up. But before I run off to my kitchen let me give you the low down on what to keep in mind before choosing your wedding cake.

It's All About Your Taste

It's your special day, so if you really want a red velvet cake then go for it. If you and your groom aren't big fans of icing and like the idea of a naked cake to go with your rustic wedding, by all means do it! Choose the flavor or cake that you and your partner want to eat not what you think your guests will want. Your cake is a reflection of you and groom's taste so go with your sweet tooth.

Think Height & Space

The amount of guests you have will influence the number of layers in your cake.  For example if your serving 100 guests, a three layer cake will be suitable so be sure to give your baker your head count as well. Also keep in mind the height of the venue. If your reception is in a grand ballroom with high ceilings then you may want a taller cake. Your baker can even add a Styrofoam layer to give the illusion of a taller cake without all the unwanted sweet stuff.


Give your beautiful cake the attention it deserves by placing it in a well lit area of your venue. Cutting the cake is one of the best high lights of the reception. Going back to the Roman era, it is believed that the wedding cake gives good luck, fortune and fertility to newlyweds. Good fortune also trickles down to the guests who eat the cake. Also remember to have your wedding coordinator place your cake on a circular table if it is round, or on a rectangular table if it is a rectangular cake.

Fondant or Frosting

Be sure to express to your baker the look you're going for.  Do you want smooth and clean? Then go with fondant. Or do you have sweet tooth and love the look of thick frosting? Then stick with buttercream icing. Whatever you and your partner decide to go with stick with icing colors that your guests won't be afraid to eat... because nobody wants a reenactment of Steel Magnolias gray Armadillo cake!

Mind the Weather

If you are having an outdoor June wedding, be sure to tell your baker immediately. This will allow them to come up with recipes that do well in warmer weather. Whip cream tends to melt quickly while fondant is more durable and doesn't require refrigeration. Also notify your wedding coordinator this way they can keep it out of the sun or in a cool spot until the end.

Don't Forget to Eat

Couples sometimes get too wrapped up in dancing or tending to their guests and they forget to eat their own cake. Make sure you and your groom have a least one bite for good luck. And if you're too busy on the dance floor have your coordinator save you two a slice and eat it back at your hotel suite.  There's nothing like having a sweet piece of cake after a night of champagne!