Blue Groom

Nothing makes me swoon more than a man in a navy suit. It's a classic color, modern style and perfect for a summer wedding. My boyfriend will be sporting one to a wedding this month, lucky me.  

Navy blue is a great option if your groom wants to stray from typical black and is looking for a "lighter" look, especially since black can be harsh in the heat. I like it because it coincides great with nautical weddings and compliments boutonnieres too.

For this color it's best for grooms to wear a slim fit tux or suit, if that's not his style then a well tailored, streamlined cut will do.  As you can see in the photos below tailoring is key. A black lapel gives it a modern look, while saddle color wing-tip shoes will match perfectly for the big day. Bow-ties or skinny ties are the best choices for this style, however, if your wedding is more causal then not wearing a tie at all will create a sexy, laid back look.

Does your groom need some wedding inspiration? Share these summer style tips!

photos: pinterest