Blind Emboss


At the studio we're slightly obsessed with blind emboss printing. It is a style of printing that creates a raised image on paper.  The image or pattern is generally raised on the surface and sunken in on the reverse side. Not only does blind emboss produce a beautiful image but an intricate, textured feel as well. And we can't help but gush every time we come across it.  Blind embossing does not require ink nor color, which has been a current trend this year, commonly known as a monochrome coloring. 

If you're going for blind embossing on your invitations it is important to consider the size, and boldness of the design. Believe it or not bold designs or large fonts give a deeper emboss, while blind embossing is easily achieved on a textured paper as you can see in our design below.

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact us!