Mixing and Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Lately, I'm really loving mixing and matching bridal party dresses. Whether its lengths, styles or even colors there something very chic about this look.  But more importantly, let's applaud the bride for allowing her bridal party free reign... in dressing. Each of your girlfriends are unique and different in their own way. Therefore, why would one style of dress work for all of them?  Your cousin may love her shoulders, whereas your sister may feel hers are too broad.  Or your best friend may look gorgeous in pale blush with her dark skin, yet your sorority sister feels too pale in blush tones.  

This kind of bride recognizes that one dress for all doesn't work for everyone and wants her girls to be comfortable on her big day.  Besides, hearing all those complaints can drive a bride crazy! I love this look and I love the bride who understands her girls; she's laid back and open to new trends. It's an unexpected, eye-catching trend that I hope to see more of during the fall season.

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