RSVP Response Cards

We love when our clients seek our advice and expertise when it comes to wedding traditions or etiquette.  Especially when we feel we can share their questions with our followers for future reference.  We recently had a client ask:

"Is it customary for the Bride's parents to receive the guests RSVP cards?"

This is a traditional custom for the bride's parents to receive the RSVP, specifically if the Bride's parents are paying for the nuptials.  However, since most couples today pay for their own wedding then we would advice to direct the reply cards to you and your partner.  If both families are splitting the cost than it is best to address the RSVP card to the couple or one household this way there is no confusion!

Half the fun is receiving your reply cards and seeing what your guests will be eating or if your co-worker will have the courage to bring the cute guy she hasn't stopped talking about as her plus one! Choose what is easiest and works best for you, there is no right or wrong way... just as long as you include the reply stamp.

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