Bridesmaid Etiquette


It's that time of year ladies, WEDDING SEASON! So if this is your first time being a bridesmaid be prepared to learn the etiquette and responsibilities of being in the wedding party. After all the bride chose you to be in her party because she values you and your support.  Here are some guidelines to follow as a bridesmaid.

Mum's The Word

Okay if "Saffron" isn't exactly your color, please don't tell the bride. This is the color she has chosen for her wedding palette and your comments will only cause extra stress.  Moreover, if you don't agree with anything she's chosen whether it's the color of the flowers, the grooms tux or the style of the bridal party dresses it's best to keep your opinions to yourself, after all its her day.


If the mother of the bride or maid of honor is planning the bridal shower they may ask the bridal party for a financial contribution towards the shower.  However, if a contribution is not feasible for you then it is best to lend a helping hand as much as you can.  Whether its decorating the venue, providing desserts or helping arrange the shower favors. Remember, a helping hand can go a long way.

Voice of Reason

On the bride's big day she will be overwhelmed with emotions, the last thing she needs is a bridesmaid with a bad attitude. Let's be real we all know how girls can be... so if you see that a bridesmaid is stressing her out or spoiling the fun, be sure to diffuse the situation.  It's your job to have her back no matter what.


It is a common tradition for the bridal party to give a group gift to the bride.  Keep in mind this is an additional gift along with your personal one.  You don't want to be the only bridesmaid at the shower attending empty handed (oops!). Common bridal party gifts include: luggage sets,  custom terry cloth robes, dishware sets, an activity during their honeymoon, a couple's spa package or the bride's honeymoon trousseau.

Put a Smile On

If the idea of going to a strip club or Atlantic City makes you cringe, please smile through it. If going to the spa or winery seems boring to you, please smile through it. Do you see the pattern here? It's not about you. The bachelorette party is intended to be a happy celebration of a bride spending time with her girlfriends, so be supportive of her and what is planned... it will mean a lot to her.

Are you currently in a bridal party? If you have additional tips let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

Photo: Top Wedding Sites