Not So Basic Brides

Here at Go! Bespoke each of us come from creative backgrounds and have an open imagination; so we love it when a bride has a mind of her own. Stephanie loves anything retro or 1950's related and I once went through a phase channeling (or so I thought) my inner Jane Birkin and sported vintage rock tees and messy bangs.  It's so important to embrace who you are and your own style on your wedding day.  With thousands of options and trends to follow a bride can easily get overwhelmed, that's why we urge you to stay true to yourself and wear exactly what you want.  Who cares if your grandmother doesn't approve of your violet hair or your brides maids think that wearing a pant suite isn't exactly traditional.  Our advice, Do you... your fiance loves you for who you are not what kind of veil you wear. 

Take a style cue from some of these creative and original brides who weren't afraid to show their style on their special day. Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you!

Photo Source: Pinterest