Wedding Flower Crowns

Okay I have a confession... I'm obsessed with flower crowns! Whenever I see one in a magazine or on a celebrity (um hello Coachella) I can't help but swoon.  Although it may seem like a popular trend right now, it actually dates back to ancient Greece. From Marie Antoinette to Kate Moss, floral crowns have been a trend throughout the ages for 'it girls'.  In ancient China, flower crowns represented fertility, while in ancient Greece they were a sign of honoring the Gods. Today, they give a whimsical or ethereal look with a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Whether it's Babies Breath or Tea Roses, whatever your choice, a flower crown can be made to your liking and could be the perfect alternative if a veil isn't your style.  Give your maid of honor or flower girl some extra flair by having her wear one. Whatever you choose, the options are endless and perfect for spring weddings.

Tell us what you think of the trend, we'd love to hear from you!