Thermography Printing

As promised in this printing series we will discuss various printing options for wedding suites.  So let's talk about thermography. You don't know what that is? Well, you probably have seen it plenty of times in your life, like when you received your friend's wedding invitation or party invite. 

Thermography is a raised printing style that appears glossy or wax-like. In order to achieve this look a powdered polymer is added to the ink that will be printed on the paper. Next, heat is applied during the process and the powdered ink mixture then becomes raised giving you that glossy appearance.  

Thermography is perfect for wedding suites, shower invitations, party invites, escort cards or jazzed up businesses cards.  This is a classic printing process that will never go out style,  and always looks elegant. Choose a bright colored ink for some pop or stick with traditional navy blue; whatever your choice, this style always looks fabulous!