Top Six Honeymoon Destinations


You have been planning your wedding for the past year maybe even two, you can't wait to get away with your spouse, forget about linen colors and enjoy your honeymoon. Yet, with so many options one can get overwhelmed. "Do we want to relax and enjoy the sun, or "Do we want to sight see and explore?" Your partner may want to hike, while you want to sit on the beach with a cocktail admiring your new toned and glowing post-wedding figure. Not to worry ladies we have come up with the top six honeymoon hotspots that will fit both you and your spouse's wish list!

1. Maui

Maui is the perfect spot for the active, outdoors couple. Here you can explore volcanoes, hike through jungles or even go bike riding along the island's trails. You can still relax on the beach while taking in the Island culture.

2. Venice

Soak up the romance in the city that floats! Here you can take romantic gondola tours of the city, roam down narrow streets hand-in-hand enjoying home made gelato and eat all the Italian cuisine until your heart is content! Make sure you check out the breathe taking views of Saint Mark's Basilica.

3. Bora Bora

Stay in a private bungalow overlooking the crystal blue water.  Here you and you partner can have all the privacy and quiet you want. Relax on the beach, swim or check out the Coral Gardens.  Also, be sure to go bike riding along the islands scenic paths.

4. Mykonos

Mykonos is perfect for adrenaline loving couples. From sailing, to surfing to jet skiing Mykonos is known as the "Island of the Winds".  If water sports aren't your thing, you and your loved one can have a little competitive fun playing beach volley ball or tennis. The Island's scenery is considered a "white washed paradise" against the bright blue sky and ocean. Here you will find quaint little homes with colorful painted doors and window frames. Checkout Matoyanni Street for some luxury shopping and chic cafes.

5. Seychelles

Sweet hummingbirds and tranquil white beaches, how can you not fall in love with Seychelles? While lounging on the beaches be sure to keep an eye out for tortoises roaming the shore. When you're not swimming or catching some sun try climbing the large boulders that line the beach. You can also visit the National Botanical Gardens or the Valli de Mai Nature Reserve. It is the perfect spot for relaxation and exportation for newlyweds.


This beautiful island known as "The Helen of the West" exchanged hands between the British and French 14 times for good reason. You could relax on white or black sand beach, or opt to stay at one of many small secluded resorts in the rainforest covered mountains. Either way, you will enjoy picturesque views, fine dining, and adventure in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.

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