Hair with Caitlin Molloy

Over the holidays I sat down with hair and make-up artist Caitlin Molloy to chat all about beauty and hair. See what she had to say about crafting the perfect hair style for your big day in part II of the interview. 

GB: When do you recommend a bride coloring her long before the big day?

CM: Well, if she's always dyed her hair or just is getting a root touch up for a fresh look then I'd say four days. But if she's deciding to do a drastic hair change then I'd advice two weeks in advance.  If she hates it she needs to give her hair a chance to relax before she can fix it... and I always recommend using a professional if your going to do something drastic! (laughs)

GB:  Yes, I've learned the hard way! So should a bride always have two back-up hair styles just in case the weather is rainy or humid? 

CM:  I don't think its a bad idea to have a back up hair style...back-ups are a good plan if it suddenly rains and you have semi-curly hair and you’re doing a straight blowout; you’re probably going to run into some frizz with the weather, so I think a backup hair style would be worth it.

GB: OK great…so what is a hairstyle that a bride won't regret?

CM: I think a bun is a classic hair style that a bride won't regret. And especially now you can get really playful with it. You can add a braid to wrap around it or add pretty decor such as your veil or even a flower crown. You can really play those aspects up, but I feel a bun is out of your face, its out of your way when dancing you don't have to worry about it frizzing or the curls coming undone because its up. Plus I think its a classic look! 

GB: Me too!  OK time to tell me a hair product that you are currently loving?

CM: Well...I currently love a men's hair product. I think women should play around with men's products a little bit more. It's American Crew Pomade. I just take a little bit and rub it through my fingers and apply it to my hair or anyone that I'm working on.  It adds a nice shine but also lays down fly-aways. 

GB: Wow that's a good little secret! And as you know Bobs and Long Bobs are very popular hair styles right now, what can a bride do with her hair if she doesn't want to use extensions? 

CM:  Well right now the long bob is in and it's very fashionable as we are both sporting!(laughs) But, I think with a long bob you can get away with anything! You can do sleek and straight while going for a sexier appeal or you could go flirty and wear it curly. You'd be surprised but you actually can get it up into a semi up-do if you cradle majority or your hair towards the nape of your neck. You can definitely get away with something pretty and romantic if you want it off your face.  I think the long bob definitely has a lot of options! 

GB: It really does! So, last but not least are there any preparations a bride should with her hair before the nuptials?

CM: I think she should do a deep hair mask or something very conditioning. Definitely take your vitamins, I'm not a physician but doing things that you feel are healthy and fit for your body or hair are things that I'd probably agree upon.

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