No More Spring Cleaning!

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Spring is upon us and that means flowers, birds, sunshine and spring cleaning! Some people love it but a lot of people dread it. Switch out your winter sweaters for pretty blouses and tidy up your homes. But, what if you could do this one more time and never have to do it again?! 

That is what Marie Kondo says we can do in her new book, the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. Marie introduces us to her KonMari Method of tackling all of our "stuff". After becoming intrigued by organization at a very early age, she began to study the how and more importantly the why to messiness. Marie shares the order and process for which guarantees your success of tackling your clutter one last time.

Marie speaks to us with a sweet voice but with the conviction of a mother who wants us to  excel at the task at hand. She tells us how we should handle our belongings with care and thank them for the time they have served us but to let go of them if we can not answer the question, "Does this bring me joy" with a YES! Once you are left with your most prized possessions she explains how to optimize space and storage, even down to how to fold your socks!

I am now in the process of following the steps she outlines in her book and can tell you that I absolutely love it! I can already see a difference in my physical space but more importantly in my emotional and mental space. Everything serves a purpose and has a place in life. If something doesn't bring you joy, why keep it around?!

Pick up her book at your favorite book store, Amazon or upload to your Kindle as soon as possible and never spring clean again (and the process may even change your life!!!).