Monogram Necklaces


I have always been one to love a monogram. No, I'm not talking about monogrammed towels or pillows. I've always preferred monogram jewelry, especially if it's the initials of a loved one. For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a gold 'L' necklace which I haven't taken off. On a recent whim to the Kate Spade store I saw a beautiful collection of gold monogram necklaces that read 'one in a million' on the back. I just had to have it and knew exactly which letter I wanted. The sales associate expressed how beatiful the necklace was. When I asked to purchase the N piece, she asked, "What's your name?". "It's Lauren" I said, and she looked at me funny and probably thought I couldn't spell! I chose my boyfriend's initial, simply because I think there something really sacred about wearing your loved one's name. Oh, and obviously because he is 'one in a million'!

Later it dawned on me that the Kate Spade monogram necklaces would be a perfect gift for your bridal party. You could also wear your fiancé's initials or your significant other like I do. The nice thing about monograms are that anyone can wear them and there is no right or wrong way to do it! It's a timeless piece that your loved one (or you) will cherish forever. 

Tell us what you think, do you own anything with a monogram? 


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