3 Ways to Address your Envelopes

When it comes time to address your invitation envelopes, most choose to print directly onto the envelope. While that is perfectly acceptable and encouraged, why not be a little different? Here I share 3 alternative options for you to mix and match.


1. Labels

Labels can be fun and different, I swear! You can use different shapes, colors or make it wrap-around. You can make a doily edge or add a custom graphic. Labels allow you to use any color or texture envelopes that printing may have a hard time adhering to (like metallic, glitter or fabric).


2. Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

You love calligraphy but want something more fun? Calligraphy doesn't have to be traditional. You can add flourishes, write diagonally, write in cursive or print. Add a little color with bright, white or metallic ink on any color envelope.


3. Change up the Return Address

Because there are 100+ different people to address envelopes for you can still opt to have them printed but that doesn't mean you have to get your return address printed too. I love the idea of using custom stamps. You can keep it after your married and use it on all of your snail mail. You can use any color ink and switch it up at any time. Or stamp a pattern around your hand written address! Another alternative is doing a blind emboss. An embosser stamps a pattern into the paper without the use of ink. You can get custom designs and like the stamp you can still use it after the wedding.


Did you do something different for your wedding invitation addressing? Share with us in the comments, we love to hear from you!