Go Organic with Your Beauty Routine


About 9 months ago, I gave away or trashed all of my cleansers, shampoos and makeup. Most of what I use now is either organic or natural. Generally, what I love most about switching is the way my skin feels. The texture is amazing! No more small bumps, dry spots or tired looking skin. I look and feel bright and alive.

Out of all of the products that are a part of my daily routine, my favorite is Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser by Juice Beauty. The plant-based cleanser is rich in antioxidants hydroxy-acids and purifying botanicals. It helps with evening your skin tone and dark spots too! My skin feels soft, clean and well hydrated after each wash.

All the products they make are fantastic (I have tried 80% of them) and certified organic. They are free from fragrances, sulfates, petroleum, parabens, dyes and incase you were wondering, they do not test on animals.

Click to order your Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser and maybe try something new. You never know, you could be giving away your products soon too!