Detox Water

It's Monday...and you're probably feeling a little ummm shall we say 'bloated' from the weekend? Because let's be real it was Valentine's Day and you and your hunny probably had two bottles of wine, serval pieces of candy, an appetizer, an entree and let's not forget dessert. (Or if you're like me three slices of pizza and garlic knots on Friday.) Your whole week of eating kale and raw almonds has just gone out the window. Oh and that hour long class at hot yoga on Thursday? ...Well at least you put in the effort.

Fast forward to Monday, your engagement ring feels tight from all the salt you just ate and you're probably trying to pull off wearing leggings to the office because the idea of wearing a dress that isn't black is not an option. Now again, if you're anything like me your face probably looks puffy and your lips look a bit swollen- which may actually be the only silver lining because you try telling yourself that you look like Angelina Jolie today.

However ladies I have a solution, so you don't have to feel totally guilty about weekend splurging when you have a wedding dress to fit into in three months. DETOX WATER! No, I'm not saying go on a week long cleanse of lemon juice and cayanne...honestly who doesn't pass out from doing that?

It's simple to make and I bet you have most of the ingredients at home. All you need is a large pitcher of water, a half of squeezed lemon, and some chopped up ginger. (Sometimes Steph will throw in mint or basil which is delicious). 

Not only is it hydrating, but it cleanses out the toxins in your system. Bye, bye preservatives! Oh and according to my manicurist the ginger is a natural pain reliver that eases soreness and tension in the body. While the lemon boosts metabolism and burns fat.

Make yourself a water bottle and bring it with you to the office, we keep a pitcher in the fridge at the studio and drink it through the day. I definitely see a change in my body, my skin is clearer and I don't feel as sluggish through out the day.  So go ahead and have that Blue Moon this weekend....just drink some detox water on Sunday.

Source: forlivingstrong