Listen up future brides and grooms - as of last week it is officially the start of proposal season! The holidays make for a special time for one to propose, and we can't be anymore excited. But before you post that Instagram photo we are giving you the guidelines on how to announce your special news. Unfortunately today, due to the internet and social media, the most sacred moments in ones life are announced via status or tweet. Share your news and that rock with your loved ones the right way by following these guidelines:

Do: tell your family face-to-face

If your loved one proposed privately it's customary for the bride to first tell her parents and family, then followed by the groom's family. However, if he proposed while on vacation or out of town share the news with your parents via FaceTime or over the phone.

Don't: post the news right away

Yes, we know you're in love and want to shout to the world that you're engaged, but if you haven't even told your grandma or best friend yet hold off on that post. Discovering the news via social media might offend some close family members or even worse - make them feel left out. Rule of thumb: tell your close circle of friends and family first before sharing it with your social network. If you don't have time to call your aunt's and uncle's leave that up to your parents - they'll be thrilled to share the great news!

Do: be modest(ish)

Wow! He gave you a three carat cushion-cut ring!?! As tempting as it may be to show off your sparkly left hand, do so with grace. Remember it's about the life-long commitment you're about to make, not the 3 c's. Some great photo options.... display your ring with your fiancé or against the background of the spot he proposed, whether it was the beach or a sunset. There's nothing wrong with gushing or being proud, just know that there is a right way and a wrong way to show off!

Don't: share all the details

Your girlfriends don't need to know your fiancé started crying like a baby or that he proposed right after you two hit the sheets. They certainly don't need to know the personal details of your proposal, let alone your Facebook friends. Keep the intimate details private - between just the two of you!

Do you want to share your engagement with all your family and friends? Contact me for announcements Lauren@gobespoke.co

Take a note from Lauren Conrad's classy engagement ring display

Take a note from Lauren Conrad's classy engagement ring display

Photo: E! Online