Groomsmen Responsibilities

Today we're dishing on groomsmen responsibilities because not everything is left up to the bridesmaids. The guys have some very important tasks too so take notes and pass this along to the guys!

Photo: Society Bride

Special Delivery
Do you have a wedding day gift for the bride, a personal letter, or flowers to deliver? Send the best man to make any deliveries. This groomsman may even be perfect for helping one of the bridesmaids decorate the honeymoon suite. This is a very traditional task but makes the day all the more fun.

Luck be a Gentleman
Does your grandma or elderly aunt need help getting to her seat or assistance down the aisle? Give one of the groomsmen (the most handsome of course) the task of being their guide. It will make your grandma swoon and feel all the more special. Remember, it's key to arrive 45 minutes early to the ceremony to escort any guests.

Mr. Fix It
Did you forget your wedding license, your tux vest or perhaps your wallet? Leave these tasks to the groomsman that's most reliable so he can take care of any last minute dilemma.

The Know it All
You may need a groomsman to provide information to your guests in the hotel lobby. Whether it's ceremony information or which limo to ride in, it's always good to have a groomsman giving resourceful information.

Best Man
This may be a no-brainer but your best man should be your go to guy. After all, he is an important person in your life right? From attending the wedding festivities, to planning the bachelor party to giving a proper speech at the reception the best man has the most responsibility, and the biggest honor.

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