Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, a Modern Bride

In honor of the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy let's call this post "What I'll Always Love" for the reason that her wedding gown will forever remain one of my top favorites. Known for her minimalist, modern style and marrying the Prince of Camelot- John F Kennedy Junior, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy will always remain an iconic bride for years to come.

The Kennedys married in a secret ceremony on September 21st, 1996.  The wedding was held on the remote Georgia Island, Cumberland where the church ceremony took place by candle light. The bride showed up two hours late to her own wedding, but certainly made up for it by wowing her guests in an exquisite gown.  Carolyn had a rising career in fashion and during that time chose an unknown designer by the name Narciso Rodriguez to design her gown. Thanks to Carolyn, Narciso Rodriguez rose to become a household name in fashion. The pair worked endlessly and privately to create the ideal gown for Carolyn. Friends of Carolyn's claim her fittings would sometimes last an average of three hours.  All that hard work and secrecy paid off because her gown is still an adored favorite by many. In fact, these two photos below are the only photos that have ever surfaced of their wedding day.


Carolyn wowed us all by wearing a bias-cut silk gown, while her veil was hand made from silk tool, along with silk gloves. Her crystal covered heels where designed by no other than the great Manolo Blahnik.  She tied her hair back at the nape of her neck and relied solely on her glowing tan and red lipstick, she clearly was ahead of her time when it came to minimalist style and beauty.

What I love most about this particular bridal look is that Bessette-Kennedy beamed in this forever chic gown. It may have been a modern gown at the time, but today it remains a classic. The gown extenuated her figured and exuded sensuality, yet it still looked sophisticated like the woman that wore it.


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Photo Source: Onewed