Pre-Wedding Couple Time

Congrats you're engaged! Oh, what's that, your wedding is two months away? By now I'm sure you and your partner are totally stressing. There are seating charts to be made, songs to be picked out, Pilates classes to attend and oh, your best friend still hasn't ordered her bridesmaids dress. Stressed might be an understatement. Your fiancé might even be thinking "can we just get this over with already?"


Save yourself from the wedding planning woes and take a break from all the planning. We understand that stress can be a romantic buzzkill.  You might be thinking isn't that what the Honeymoon is for? Umm no. I've known several couples who stepped away from the planning in order to reconnect and recharge. A recent client of ours escaped all the way to Charleston for some R&R. Whether it's a day trip to the wineries, a couples massage or simply just turning off your phones and having a romantic date night, spending quality time is key!

Wedding planning is stressful we get that, but it's also an exciting time for you and your partner. You're prepping for the day that you will profess and celebrate your vows in front of all your loved ones- of course you want it to be perfect! Yet, it's the little details that make the planning all the more fun and exciting (hello cake tasting). You won't get this time back, so do your best to enjoy it. If that means taking time out to spend quality time with your fiancé then do it, you will come back ready to plan and prep with a clear head, while all the more connected.

Do you have any date ideas for escaping the wedding planning?
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Photo: enofylz wine blog