Non-White Wedding

I think I've expressed more than once that I love when people, especially brides express their individuality. That being said let's take this time to praise the bride that doesn't wear a white gown to her wedding.  

Going the non-traditional route is just as beautiful and definitely puts an interesting twist on your wedding style. Not wearing white on your wedding day certainly makes a unique statement, it signifies: honesty and modernism.  Or as Miranda put in when buying her wedding gown on Sex and the City "I have a child... the jig is up!" Embrace who you are; your style, your situation and what you have always envisioned your wedding would be. Plus, if Elizabeth Taylor could do it, then so can you. Let go of the expectations, or the whispers from your conservative relatives and do you!

Below is a selection of some of my favorite non-traditional gowns from Vera Wang's Iconic collection.

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Photo Source: Vera Wang