Go! Spooky

We love nothing more than a couple who truly embrace themselves. It also allows guests to get a better understanding of who they are as a couple. Are you foodies? Do you love football, are you both adrenaline seekers or travel all the time? Then let that speak for itself throughout the theme of your wedding! Better yet, do you love a specific holiday like Halloween? Let's get in the spirit of fall and offer you some inspiration on pulling off a festive, fun, yet beautiful Halloween wedding, because it can totally be done... and look truly amazing.

Dress up

The spirit of Halloween is dressing up in playful costumes.  Rather than having your guests dress up as zombies or sexy nurses at your wedding, take on a more elegant approach, have your guests wear masks or wear all black. It still allows your guests to join in the fun but in a more elegant manner.


Light the Candles

Candles can go one or two ways: sexy and warm or moody and gothic.  If you and your partner are having a Halloween wedding, ditch the flowers and go for long tapered candles as your centerpieces.  This will create a beautiful moody vibe, just don't overdo it; you don't want any accidental flames on your big day.  


Give them Treats

When you think of Halloween you immediately think of candy (Hi Reese's Cups). This is a perfect opportunity to be creative with your party favors.  Whether its candy apples, chocolate covered Oreos or a goodie bag from Godiva, it's a sweet idea and your guests will feel like kids again.

candy apples_gobespoke

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Photos: Pinterest