Give them Extra Love


A big trend I've been seeing couples do at their wedding that I really admire is providing their guests with a little extra love during the reception, and I'm not just talking the favors. From goodie bags, to flip flops the idea of providing your guests with a little something extra to give them the best experience at your wedding shows appreciation and hospitality. 

Warm Welcome

Your guests have spent money and maybe even travel arrangements to be there on your wedding day. So providing them with a welcome bag at the hotel or even a city guide of fun things to do in the area is a great way to welcome guests to your city.  

Shoes for Comfort

Another great idea I've seen at receptions is providing your guests with flip flops. Hours of dancing can lead to ladies with aching feet and no one wants a guest moping at the table because her feet hurt. Provide a basket with flip flops so she doesn't miss out on the fun. 

Emergency Kits

Anything can happen the day of your wedding. Did your grandma rip her dress? Did your sorority sister already have too much to drink at the cocktail hour?  Did the flower girl pull out her hair style? Or is the best man really nervous about the speech and needs some deodorant? Placing emergency kits in a your venue's bathroom will put any guest at ease. Fill them with gum, mints, Bobbi pins, needle and thread but most of all don't forget Tums and Advil.

Keep them Warm

So you've decided to have a fall outdoor wedding. Great! However, some of your guests will take a risk and wear something that may not provide any warmth. Save them from freezing and possibly being cranky and pass out pashminas at your venue in various colors to drape over their shoulders. Not only will they be warm, they will still look chic. Plus it's a great little gift to take home.   

Going the extra mile for your guests to be comfortable and have fun shows them you're thinking of their presence and can lead to a lasting great impression of your wedding. If you have any hospitable planning ideas share them in the comments below.