I have a confession to make. I love to discover the newest and latest thing.  This thing could be the most amazing water bottle (Swell) or a Robot that teaches my toddler to code (WonderWorkshop). Sometimes I share them with the world and sometimes I share them with the people in my life who won't think I'm crazy. I recently noticed that most of my things have one important characteristic in common, they give back. Not the kind of giving back that will help lower their corporate taxes at the end of the year but the kind that is straight from the heart and is part of the reason for building the company.

My latest find is the fashion brand TAARIK, which means "history" or "story" in the Amharic language of Ethiopia. TAARIK launched this past season with a collection of scarves that are hand-made by artisans in Ethiopia and India. Every purchase helps support these communities by sending young girls to school by providing a uniform, tuition and supplies. 

The scarves from Ethiopia are made by families who have been weaving for generations. The cotton is hand spun then handloomed into beautiful patterns in distinct colors. The cotton is thick and warm - perfect to wrap yourself on the days your office is cold, as a shall on a crisp fall (or spring) night out or as a scarf on the blistery days commuting in the winter. 

In India, for thousands of years, the people have been practicing the art of block printing. Delicate designs are hand carved into blocks of wood that are used to apply natural vegetable dyes to cotton. Dyes are set by drying in the sun and boiling in water. The cotton used for these scarves is lighter and softer which make them perfect for spring and summer accessorizing. 

One look at these scarves and you know they are something special. Hand made fashion accessories in our world of mass produced everything. Since my business is weddings and my thoughts come to me in pictures, I see a gorgeous bridal party photo with bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing TAARIK scarves. How fashionable would that be all while paying homage to the history and artistry of these beautiful and hardworking people?! And let's not forget supporting young women and education! I don't think a gift can get any better than this (hint hint, brides and grooms!).

Learn more and purchase your TAARIK scarves here.