Boom Boom Brow Bar

On a cold, snowy afternoon tucked away at a café in the village I was having lunch with my dear friend Devon.  "After lunch let's go get our brows done," Devon said in her soft, monotone voice. Now I'm generally a go-with-the flow kind of girl so I agreed.  "Great, but first let me see if we can get a spot", Devon said as she clutched her Celine bag and sipped her latte. By the time I sat there pondering how "exclusive" can this place be, Devon had already made a few calls and got us "in".  When I asked what all the fuss was she simply said "L, you don't understand this place is amazing". Well she certainly was right, and down the snowy streets to the Boom Boom Brow Bar we went...

Now for our readers who haven't noticed by now, I was born with Cara Delevigne eye-brows. To be honest it's a blessing and a curse at the same time. Why? Because when you're fair skinned with dark hair (no, I'm not a natural blonde) it means you have to tweeze everyday! Yes, since the sixth grade my tweezers and I have become very close.  One friend has described them as caterpillar-esque and another say's if I go too long between tweezing they start to look 3D.

Boom Boom Brow Bar is girly and quaint with a friendly staff. I sat down in the chair and my waxer complimented my bushy-babies, while Devon got her brows tinted, looking oh so Frida-ish. I confessed my ball-and-chain relationship with my tweezers and my constant need to tweeze. It was then and there that I received the best beauty tip that I have ever received (no, really). The waxer explained that your hair follicles grow in a twenty-eight day cycle.  If you can manage to tweeze any stray hairs all on the same day your hair follicles will begin to grow in all at the same time.  This way if you can get your brows to grow on the same schedule it won't feel like you're tweezing all the time.

It has nearly been two weeks and I have only had to tweeze once! I may just have to start making more trips into the city to get my brows done! For you fellow New Yorkers they are located in the West Village at 35 7th Avenue (btw. 12th and 13th) or you can check out their website. The shop has been featured in Good Housekeeping, The Village Voice, and Self Magazine!