Make-up with Caitlin Molloy

I had the opportunity to sit down with hair and makeup Caitlin Molloy and talk all things beauty. Caitlin's work has appeared across numerous regional theatre stages.  Lucky moi had the opportunity to have Caitlin style my hair for a recent wedding I attended this fall. Let's just say she knows how to make a girl look amazing whether its walking down the aisle or on stage. Check the interview below.  

GB: Thanks so much for sitting down with Go! Bespoke today, you have quite the resume for a licensed cosmotoligst! Can you share some tips on how a bride can prevent looking shiny in her photos?

CM: Well nobody wants to look shiny... especially on their wedding day. The most important thing is to have blotting papers with you. Have your maid of honor hold on to them. Also translucent powder will be your best friend... you can re-apply all day and it won't smudge your underlying make-up.

GB: Ok, thats good to know! So what are some of your favorite products that you like to use? 

CM: Well I've recently become obsessed with Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop. It's an eye stick but goes on really smooth.  It gives a hint of color and you put it on your lid or crease. Another cream eyeshadow I love is Bobbi Brown's long wear cream shadow that comes in a little pot and that stays on forever! 

GB: That brings me to my next question what is a current bridal look that you're loving right now? 

CM:  The retro cat-eye has made a reapearance which is really fun... and what's great about it is every different eye shape can play into it in a different way so it doesn't look the same on everybody. I prefer a liquid liner and Stila is my go to! Another look I like is the plum lip, especially for winter or fall. However, you don't want to go too severe... unless that's your thing then be yourself! 

GB: I love a plum lip! Back to the topic of eyes... are smoky eyes ok to do for your wedding?

CM: I think smoky eyes are better off left for your bachlorette party. If you're wearing a smoky eye and taking photos the look tends to make your eyes appear smaller.  You want your eyes to appear bright and cheerful especially in your photos so all of the dark shadow won't help. If you do decide to wear a darker look I doubt the "smoky eye police" will show up at your wedding!

GB: (laughs) Ok so what are some preparations a bride should be doing before her wedding?  

CM: I'm always one for a great facial and eye-brow wax.  If you're a regular waxer whether it's brows, lip or chin and you don't get irritation follow your normal schedule, if not than wax the week before and tweeze any strays in-between.  As for a facial you want to go the week before because any impurities may surface on your skin and you definitly don't want them to make an appearance on your wedding day.  

GB: Oh wow that's defintity good to keep in mind! So what should a bride do if she has a serious blemish?  

CM: If you wake up on your wedding day and see that you have one, the first thing you should do is NOT touch it. Popping it will only make matters worse, and its actually more common than you think due to stress... your hormones are at an imbalance because you're excited. If it does occur and you have popped it apply New Skin's Liquid Bandage. When you pop a pimple you've essentially created a wound on your face which make-up will not adhere to, but if you apply the Liquid Bandage your foundation will then have something to cling too.  If it's a large white head take a hot compress to the area then you can gently squeeze the white head without doing any serious damage.

GB: Hmm, I hope that never happens to me! Finally my last question, what foundation do you recommend a bride use on her special day? 

CM: I always recommend an HD foundation because it is primarily made for photography and cinema. HD foundations have light reflectors in them which will help you look your best in photos. My favorite is Make-up Forever HD Professional, I use it whenever I'm working on a film or any brides. It has medium coverage so it doesn't look like you're wearing a lot but it gives you an even tone. 





Photos: Jaclyn Molloy,
Make-up: Caitlin Molloy,