Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Absolute Serum

I always knew that once a woman turns twenty-five the aging process begins, however I didn't think twenty-five would arrive so quickly. It all started over cocktails on my twenty-fifth birthday when my mother said "this is it you officially begin to age"....umm thanks mom. Fast forward a week later when my car dealer said to me "wow you look good for your age!" Which really baffled me because what twenty-five year old doesn’t look good for her age?

This got me thinking: if I look fine now, maybe I should start preserving, case in point- invest in a serum. Beauty blogs rave about them, so I figured I'd try it. They're light weight & packed with anti-oxidants. I started using Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Absolute SerumLets just say I'm hooked, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, softens skin, and is known to be a mood booster. I use it in the morning and evening under my regular facial moisturizer. I leave my bathroom feeling like I just stepped out of the Botanical Gardens. 

Source: Andalou Naturals