Naked 2 Palette

Okay, maybe I've been a little behind on the hype but I'm really loving the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay.  After asking numerous friends what kind of eye shadow they were sporting all of them had the same answer, "The Naked Palette." Followed by, "don't you have one?"  After seeing there's a trend here and looking at countless photos on Sephora, I decided to invest in the Naked 2 Palette because it complimented my skin tone.  Okay, I didn't actually buy it, I asked Santa a.k.a my mom. 

After only a week of using it, I'm hooked.  The colors are flattering, long lasting and go on smoothly.  The palette is great if you're trying to achieve the "no make-up make-up" look. More importantly, the palette is perfect for your wedding day.  The natural colors can compliment any brides complexion and there are no jarring or faddish colors! Naked 2 will naturally enhance your eyes with a youthful glow. What bride doesn't want that on her big day?

Let us know which Naked Palette by Urban Decay you are obsessed with!