Matthew & Sarah

Our featured couple this month are Matthew and Sarah who will be tying the knot in September of 2015.  Matt and Sarah enjoy participating in races, road trips to New York, and spending time in their beautiful city that brought them together.  Recently Sarah graduated from John's Hopkins University with her Master's in Nursing in order to become a Nurse Practitioner! Their story shows that you never know who you might "run" into, and that any negative situation can lead to happily ever after. The couple have a bright future ahead of them and we at Go! Bespoke wish them happiness and love! Check out our interview below.

         GB: How did you two meet?

M&S: Matt and I went to the same gym and therefore our faces were familiar to each other. I got in a car accident one Sunday afternoon near our gym and Matt was running by. He stopped to see if I was okay. Within the next couple weeks we went out  on our first date and we have been together ever since!


GB:  Wow, you never know who you might run into! How did Matt pop the question?

M&S: Matt took me to our restaurant, Wit and Wisdom at the Four Seasons, where we usually go to celebrate any special events. We had just moved in together that day so I figured we were going to simply celebrate our new home. Little did I know he was about to ask me to marry him.

GB: Aw, perfect timing...where are you getting married?

M&S: We are getting married at St. Leo's church in little Italy with the reception at the Grand Historic Venue in Mount Vernon -- all in Baltimore city.


GB: Sounds so you two have a favorite trip?

M&S: We love our weekend trips to DC and our road trips to NY. We always seem to find something new about each other, manage to get lost and never stop laughing... 


GB: Car rides seem to do that for couples! Do you two have a favorite spot?

M&S: Wit and Wisdom at the four seasons to celebrate, and The Point in fells point for a good brunch.


         GB: So as far as wedding planning style goes what would you say your style is?

M&S: I'd say I have more traditional tastes while Matthew is more modern...but we meet in the middle.


        GB: What are some symbols that reflect you as a couple...this can be anything.

M&S: Exeter Street, where we met post car crash.  The Red Star, where we had our first date. And Lancaster Street, where Matthew twirled me on our first we "twirl" at every new place we go to! (Laughs)


GB: I love that! Lastly, can each of you give one word to describe each other?

Matt for Sarah: thoughtful.

Sarah for Matt: compassionate.

Here's some of what we did for Sarah and Matt so far. 

1) Detail from engagement announcement highlighting with a heart the spot where Matt  proposed to Sarah in the Baltimore Harbor.
2) Save the Dates after gilding the edges by hand in a paper press.
3) Preparing engagement announcements for mailing.