Hozier's "Take Me to Church"

Growing up in a Rock loving household my ears have been trained to appreciate sultry voices, drums that make you move, and gripping guitar riffs that can fill you with excitement.  Clapton and The Beatles were favorites at our house. As I've gotten older I gravitate towards soulful lyrics and bold basses so Andrew Hozier-Byrne's latest Album Hozier, has me hooked.  Mainly known as Hozier the Irish musician is certainly making a name for himself in the States. His latest single "Take Me to Church" was nominated for the 2015 Grammy's Song of The Year. Hozier's sound is a mix between alternative rock and gospel.  Which doesn't surprise me since gospel is the root of rock music.  The song's cheeky lyrics reflect the irony between worship and bedroom fun. Check out Hozier's latest track, perhaps this may inspire you to pick up his album- I know I have! Or who know's maybe "Take Me to Church" may end up on your wedding playlist! (Maybe the techno version). 

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