Field Trip to Paper Presentation


Recently Stephanie and I took a visit to Paper Presentation. For those of you who don't know what it is, Paper Presentation is the Mecca of all things Stationary. As we walked in I was overcome by the scent of the paper and the perfectly color-coordinated shelves filled with every sized envelope you can imagine. (Minis are my favorite.) I don't know if it was the aroma of the pulp or the vibrant colors of ribbons but I was in my glory! I began floating from shelf to shelf, scanning my fingers over each piece of paper I could grab. Paper Presentation offers a variety of cards, ribbons, labels liners, craft supplies, journals and even party goods.  My heart started to fluttered and my OCD began to kick in as I developed a natural high from how neat and organized everything was.  Even their stamp section was categorized! Their large selection of paper goods allows us to let our creative juices flow and craft you something you unique.  Think of it as a paper girl's grown up version of toy store.