Leading a Digital Life

You just got engaged!!! Yay, Congratulations!!!

After the initial excitement and whirlwind, you will settle down and start your planning and doing loads of research.  There are so many amazing websites and blogs to read and pinterest searches to be made. When you're signing up for news and bulletins and samples, you will be creating numerous online accounts.  Make another password, write it on your post-it note or loose piece of paper. Then you're out and about and oh, damn! What was that password again?  Or did you make the SAME password for all your accounts? Tsk, tsk!

With the digital life we all lead today and the daily news of hackers getting into everything, we all need to be very careful about our passwords.  Make a unique password for each account you create and you're quickly into 50, 60, 70…100 passwords?! What!? 

This is where 1Password comes in. It's an award winning password manager and secure wallet for your MAC/PC, smartphone or tablet. It has literally saved my life.  There is now a home for every username and password, account numbers and important identification information. For your bank account login, your new account on the knot, your fiancés social security number, the login to your work computer or your American Express account number. You may request that the app create passwords for you and there is an option for one click logins. The only thing you need to remember is the single password to get in to 1Password!

Do you know how much space that frees up in your mind? More than enough to fill it with ideas for bridesmaid dresses, table settings and color palettes for your upcoming nuptials!!!

AgileBit's 1Password is available on the iTunes AppStore and Google Play.